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We have been one of the Reference Services Providers since 2006…

We  are looking for Young Enthusiast and Talented People to Join our Staff.

You’ll be Working in a Team taking magnificent pictures of Guests and their Loved Ones enjoying their Holidays in some of the Best Resorts.

Our Team Delivers Excellence to help our Customers Take their Memories Home!

Mexico, Los Cabos | Mexico, Riviera Maya | Costa Rica





Team Player

Work with Others and Fulfill Tasks

Good with People

Good Caracter, Extrovert, Personable

Speak English

International Context

Interested in Learning

Initial Formation and Used Techniques


Accurate in their Job

Some Photography Skills

Use of Cameras, Lenses, Flash, Editing


Organise, Coordinate Work


We offer numerous positions in Mexico, Los Cabos, Mexico Riviera Maya, Costa Rica as Beach Photographer and Sales Persons

This is what We Offer!

Junior Photographer

Joining for the first contract

First experience. Initial formation on the company procedures.

Senior Photographer

Experienced Photographer

+2 seasons experience. Good Photography Skills.

Master Photographer

Skilled in tourist Photography. Experience in more than 1 PHV Location

Specialised in Wedding Photography Services.
Team Leader.

Sales Person

Excellent Customer Service, Fluent English, Good Presence, Personable.

Attends the photoshops and Relates to the Customers.

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Here You can find some of the most commonly questions asked by our applicants. 

Should You not find Your answer, feel free to contact Us and ask!

It consists of several phases, beginning with the acceptance of the job position and ending with your arrival at your assigned destination. We’ll assist you in each process phase.

6 Months, renewable.

Should You not be able to complete the term, a 30 days advance notice of leaving is required.


No previous experience on this job is required.

You need to have knowledge and skills on using DSLR Cameras, lenses, flash, memory cards, Basic LR editing skills.

Yes, we would love to see Your work.

Yes, You will be given training on the job about skills enhancing and on systems and techniques used in the Company.

Yes, PHV will provide a full kit to be able to operate to our standards.

It is free of charge but You will be accountable for its proper maintenance, use and safe care.

Consider that you will be required to work on holidays and important days such as Christmas, New Year, your birthday, etc.

You will be working as a Team following a given schedule.

Some destinations require a valid certificate for the application of the yellow fever (Costa Rica), Covid-19 or other vaccines, depending on the nationality of the passenger and your Country of arrival.

You should duly inform yourself which requirement applies to you.


1. Photoventura makes the application at the National Institute of Migration.

2. Once the INM approves the request, PHV will email info with the steps to arrange your required Visa application interview, in any Mexican consulate, outside of Mexico.

3. Upon arrival at your work destination, the immigration lawyer will make an appointment to exchange the work visa for your residence card. Processed within 30 business days of your arrival in Mexico.

You will receive in advance the necessary information  about transfer and logistics.

Accommodation is free with no utilities to pay.

Staff Houses are shared with other Photographers and Sales Persons (men and women).

It is a multicultural environment where camaraderie is encouraged.

Women share a room with women and men with men.

We recommend that you travel with a few essential clothing items. Most of the time you will be wearing your uniform and the weather is warm, keep in mind at nights temperature usually drops. Some outfits for social night outings in the town if you wish.

The Casa Staff has what is necessary for daily use. Sheets and towels are for personal use so it is required that you bring one or two sets of sheets for a standard single bed, 1 set of sheets for a double bed and at least two personal towels.

  • Evening uniform, top and bottom all black
  • Air or land ticket, Internal transfers (round trip) to reach Your assigned workplace + Medical insurance for the first 15 days minimum.
  • Daily per diem to/from work.
  • Costs for processing the required documentation (issuance of documents for the work visa)

Each Collaborator is responsible for their own equipment and personal belongings inside or outside the Store or Casa Staff. 

Employee is always accountable for proper care of work equipment. 

Should You not find Your answer, feel free to Contact Us and ask!


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